Support iP90 Troubleshooting

The iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) does not respond to the unit, the iOS device is playing but no sound comes out.

  1. The iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) is not docked properly.

    • Remove your iPhone/iPod from the dock and check for obstruction on the connectors in the dock and on your iPhone/iPod. Then reseat it in the dock.
  2. Your iPhone/iPod/iPad software is too old.

    • Upgrade software on your iPhone/iPod/iPad via iTunes on your computer.
  3. The iOS device is locked up/plays but no sound comes out.

    • Check the volume setting. Make sure your iPhone/iPod/iPad is working properly before docking into the unit. Please refer to your iPhone/iPod/iPad manual for details. See above for software upgrade information.
    • You may need to reset your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Refer to your iPhone/iPod/iPad user guide for details on how to perform a reset.
  4. Using non-touch screen ipod, 1st or 2nd generation iPod, iPod Shuffle or other devices:

    • Unit cannot control those iPod models or other devices.