Support iP90 Troubleshooting

Alarm did not sound or is not working properly.

  1. Verify that the AM/PM time and alarm time is set correctly.

    • When setting the clock or alarm time, take note of the AM/PM indicators.
  2. Alarm time or source selected for alarm 2 , not alarm 1 or vice versa:

    • Make sure to set the alarm time and source for the appropriate alarm and verify that alarm icon 1 or 2 icon is shown on the display.
  3. Wake schedule setting is not correct:

    • 7 days is every day alarm, 5 days is Mon-Fri, and 2 days is Sat-Sun.
  4. Calendar is not set correctly, which can affect 7/5/2 day alarm operation:

    • Please refer to the owners manual for setting Clock/Calendar.