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    • What Android version is required for the SmartPlug?

      Android KitKat 4.4 or latest

    • How do I know if my mobile device is connected to my home network?

      For Apple Devices: Tap on the Settings icon. The Wi-Fi icon should display the name of your home network next to it. If it is not shown, tap on the Wi-Fi icon. Your Apple device will search for networks in the vicinity. Select your home network. Once your home network is displayed, you may exit Settings.

    • Where can I download the iHome Control App?

      You can download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play,

    • Where can I find the Accessory Setup Code?

      The Accessory Setup Code can be found in your Quick Start Guide and on the Smart device itself.

    • What iOS version is required for the SmartPlug?

      iOS 9.3 or later

    • How to delete the Smart Device from the iHome Control App?

      *Note: The "Hide" option removes the SmartPlug from the user's account. However, the SmartPlug(s) still exists in the cloud. This allows other registered users in the household to continue using the SmartPlug(s).

      1. Open the iHome Control App
      2. Select (i) next to the Device you want to remove.
      3. Scroll down and select "Remove Device" button.
      4. Select "Remove Device" again
      5. Close the app.

      Note: We recommend resetting the Smartplug to remove it from your account.

    • Which devices can be used to share a SmartPlug(s)?

      iOS to iOS = Supported [Example: iPhone to iPhone]

      iOS to Android = Supported [Example: iPhone to Samsung Galaxy]

      Android to Android = Supported [Example: Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy]

      Android to iOS = NOT Supported [Example: Samsung Galaxy to iPhone]

    • Can I download the iHome Control App to my computer for use with my SmartPlug(s)?

      The SmartPlug is designed to work with mobile devices only; not Mac’s or PC’s.

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