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    • What are the SmartPlug's Specifications?

      120VAC, 15A, 60Hz, 1800W Indoor use only Standby Power: 1.2W Outlet off (Relay is off) / 2.4W Outlet on (Relay is on) Compatible with 2.4 GHz network. Compatible with (Personal Wi-Fi networks).

    • Where can I find the Accessory Setup Code?

      The Accessory Setup Code can be found in your Quick Start Guide and on the Smart device itself.

    • How do I Reset my SmartPlug?

      Connect the Smart plug to a working outlet. The LED indicator will start flashing Green. Press and hold the power button on the top right of the plug for a full 15 seconds. You should see the following while holding the button:

      1. The LED indicator should flash Red/Green.
      2. The LED indicator will turn off briefly.
      3. The LED indicator will quickly flash Green.

      You may release the button at this point.

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