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    • What Android version is required for the SmartPlug?

      Android KitKat 4.4 or latest

    • How do I Reset the SmartPlug?

      Connect the Smart plug to a working outlet. The LED indicator will start flashing Green. Press and hold the power button on the top right of the plug for a full 15 seconds. You should see the following while holding the button:

      1. The LED indicator should flash Red/Green.
      2. The LED indicator will turn off briefly.
      3. The LED indicator will quickly flash Green.

      You may release the button at this point.

    • Where can I download the iHome Control App?

      You can download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play,

    • What iOS version is required for the SmartPlug?

      iOS 9.3 or later

    • Where can I find the Accessory Setup Code?

      The Accessory Setup Code can be found in your Quick Start Guide and on the Smart device itself.

    • What is the Cloud's storage capability?

      The Cloud does not have any storage limitations.

    • What is a Rule?

      Think of a rule as a timer. For example; you can set a rule to turn a lamp ON at 8:00PM and OFF at 6:00AM the following day.

    • How many rules can I create for one plug?

      You can setup a maximum of 7 rules per plug.

    • How to delete the Smart Device from the iHome Control App?

      *Note: The "Hide" option removes the SmartPlug from the user's account. However, the SmartPlug(s) still exists in the cloud. This allows other registered users in the household to continue using the SmartPlug(s).

      1. Open the iHome Control App
      2. Select (i) next to the Device you want to remove.
      3. Scroll down and select "Remove Device" button.
      4. Select "Remove Device" again
      5. Close the app.

      Note: We recommend resetting the Smartplug to remove it from your account.

    • How to name my Home?

      The iHome Control App will ask you to name your home. In other words, name the Wi-Fi network inside your home. Examples: Jane’s Home; John’s Apartment.

    • Can I connect my SmartPlug to an enterprise network; example: business or college dorm?

      No. SmartPlugs are designed for home networks only.

    • What can I control with the SmartPlug?

      You can control lamps, fans, humidifiers, or any appliance meeting the SmartPlug's specifications (120VAC, 15A, 60Hz, 1800W).

    • Can I use Siri to control a SmartPlug?

      Yes. Use keywords such as the designated "room" name and the word "outlet."

    • Can I connect my SmartPlug at work or in my dorm room?

      The SmartPlug is designed to function within personal Wi-Fi networks. It is not compatible with Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks such as in colleges or businesses.

    • Can I control my SmartPlug using Android voice commands?

      Voice control is not available for Android devices.

    • Can I setup zones, rooms, and scenes using my Android device?

      The options to set zones, rooms, and scenes are available for iOS devices only. Android users can control individual SmartPlugs.

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