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    • Battery Low icon always flashing.

      1. Battery are weak.

        • Replace with new batteries
      2. Battery was not installed properly.

        • Check to make sure the + side is facing outwards
    • Unit/iPhone/iPod/iPad performance is erratic.

      The unit is reacting to external interference.

      • Move unit away from potential sources of external interference such as computers, modems, wireless devices (routers) or fluorescent light.
    • Device does not respond to the unit and/or device is playing but no sound comes out

      Unit is not properly connected to power source and/or Power Button is not ON/device is paused.

      • Make sure the unit is properly connected to AC power source.
      • Check that the Power Button is lit up, indicating the unit is ON.
      • Try adjusting volume on unit and audio device. Press the Mode Button to select the Lightning dock (iPod), USB or FM mode.
      • Also try pressing the Play/Pause Button.
    • No sound

      Volume is too low

      • Turn volume up on your device
    • Sound distorted

      1. Volume is too high

        • Turn volume down on your device
      2. Sound source is distorted

        • If the original sound file (MP3) is old or of poor quality, distortion and noise are easily noticed with high-power speakers.
        • Try upgrading file from a trusted source such as iTunes.
    • Device doesn’t charge up

      1. iPhone/iPod is not docked/connected properly:

        • Remove your iPhone/iPod from the dock or USB port and reconnect.
      2. iPhone/iPod is locked up/ frozen or battery has problem:

        • Please make sure your iPhone/iPod is working properly before docking into the unit. Please refer to your iPhone/iPod manual for details.
        • Please make sure the unit is connected to a working power outlet. The unit will not charge while operating on backup battery.
    • Unit does not turn on

      1. AC adapter is not plugged into a working wall socket or not plugged into the power supply jack on back of the unit:

        • Make sure the AC adapter is properly connected to a working wall outlet and to the power supply jack on the unit.
      2. Wall outlet is not functioning:

        • Plug another device into the same outlet to confirm the outlet is working.
        • Make sure any associated wall switch that control the outlet is ON.


Discover answers to some of the most common questions about your iHome product.

    • My iHome unit is not recognizing my iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) through the dock connector.

      Protective cases require removal prior to docking to the iHome unit. Please try docking the device without the protective case. NOTE: You can use the USB port to charge and play your device as well.

    • Can I use iHome Set App with this unit?

      No, the iHome Set App is not compatible with this unit. However, you may use the iHome Sleep App or Zen Sound App.

    • What’s the warranty period for this product?

      Limited 1 Year Warranty: iHome Products, a division of SDI Technologies Inc. (hereafter referred to as SDI Technologies), warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 1 Year from the date of original purchase.

    • The display is too dark?

      Try pressing the Snooze/Dimmer Button on top of the unit repeatedly to adjust the LED brightness.

    • Can I use this iHome unit with Lightning 8-pin and with 30-pin iOS devices (iPod, iPhone)?

      Yes, you can dock Lightning connector devices and connect 30-pin devices to the USB port.

    • Can the USB port charge and play Android devices?

      The USB port will charge your Android device but does not support audio.

    • What is “Sleep mode”?

      “Sleep mode” lets you fall sleep to your iPhone/iPod or radio, gradually lowering the volume until the unit shuts off at the selected time.

    • Should I disconnect the unit if I am going on vacation?

      If the unit is to be left unused for an extended period of time, such as a month or longer, the power cable should be unplugged from the unit to prevent damage from power outage.

    • Where can I buy a replacement CR2450 Clock Backup Battery?

      Battery CR2450 is standard 3.0 V Lithium Battery (620 MAh) and it can be purchase from our website or from most electronic store.

    • Can the unit operate on the back up batteries?

      The backup batteries only provide continuous clock and alarm operation in the event of a power failure. Other functions will not work.

    • Would I lose the time and alarm settings if I replace the backup batteries?

      NO, but make sure the AC adapter is connected. Otherwise, all settings may be lost during battery replacement.

    • Will this device work in Europe/Overseas?

      Yes. The power adapter is able to handle input voltage from 100 to 240VAC. You may need a plug adapter to convert for the overseas outlet. For more information on our international iHome products, please visit www.ihomeintl.com

    • What is the wattage output?

      The unit produces 4 Watts of output.

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