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    • Why did upgrading to iOS 5 prevent iHome+Sleep from alarming when it is in the background, or when the screen is locked?

      Users who had iHome+Sleep installed when they upgraded to iOS 5 may notice that iHome+Sleep alarms no longer work when the app is in the background, or when the screen is locked. An issue with iOS 5 prevented certain apps from being registered with the new Notification Center.

      See our blog article for how to change your Notification Center settings to restore background alarming with iHome+Sleep.

    • Why are things not working well in version 2.5 of iHome+Sleep?

      Our December 3 update to iHome+Sleep (ver 2.5) introduced some significant changes, and introduced a few bugs with alarms, in version 2.5. See our blog article for details on what issues this raised.

      We realize that malfunctioning alarms are a major problem, and is unacceptable, and are working hard to fix the broken features and issue an update as fast as we can.

      Please know that we are working hard to get ver 2.5.1 out to you this addresses the major issues causing alarm function to not work properly.

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