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    • My unit doesn't respond.

      Plug the AC adaptor into a working wall socket and plug the connector into the supply jack on the unit.

      If unit is plugged in and doesn't respond, try resetting the unit by following these steps:

      a) Remove iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) from dock b) Unplug unit from power source c) Remove back up batteries d) Wait a few minutes, then reinstall battery and resume use

      iPhone/iPod/iPad is not docked properly.

      a) Remove your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from the dock and check for obstruction on the connectors in the dock and on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Then reseat it in the dock. Also try removing any case or “skin” on your device that may be preventing proper contact.

    • Battery Low icon always flashing.

      1. Remove the battery tab.
        • To enable the battery/batteries
      2. Batteries are weak.
        • Replace with new batteries
      3. Batteries were not installed properly.
        • Check to make sure the polarity ( + and – ends) matches the diagram in the battery compartment
    • Unit/iPhone/iPod/iPad performance is erratic.

      The unit is reacting to external interference.

      • Move unit away from potential sources of external interference such as computers, modems, wireless devices (routers) or fluorescent light.
    • No sound.

      1. Volume is set too low on unit or playing device.
        • Make sure volume is turned up.
      2. The iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) is not docked properly.
        • Remove your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) from the connector and check for any obstruction on the connectors in the dock and on your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad). Then reseat it in the dock.
      3. Your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) is not playing.
        • Press play button on your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) to play it manually.
      4. The iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) is locked up.
        • Please make sure your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) is working properly before docking it to the unit. Please refer to your manual for details.
    • Time sync didn’t work.

      Older iPod models such as iPod mini do not support time sync function: - Make sure you are using an iPhone or newer iPod such as touch, nano or classic. If not available, set time manually.

    • My iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) did not charge up.

      1. iPhone/iPod/iPad is not installed properly.

        • Remove your iPhone/iPod/iPad from the dock and check for obstruction on the connectors in the dock and on your iPhone/iPod. Then reseat it in the dock.
      2. iPhone/iPod/iPad is locked up/ frozen or battery has a problem.

        • Please make sure your iPhone/iPod/iPad is working properly before docking into the unit. Please refer to your iPhone/iPod/iPad manual for details.
    • The iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) does not respond to the unit, the iOS device is playing but no sound comes out.

      1. The iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) is not docked properly.

        • Remove your iPhone/iPod from the dock and check for obstruction on the connectors in the dock and on your iPhone/iPod. Then reseat it in the dock.
      2. Your iPhone/iPod/iPad software is too old.

        • Upgrade software on your iPhone/iPod/iPad via iTunes on your computer.
      3. The iOS device is locked up/plays but no sound comes out.

        • Check the volume setting. Make sure your iPhone/iPod/iPad is working properly before docking into the unit. Please refer to your iPhone/iPod/iPad manual for details. See above for software upgrade information.
        • You may need to reset your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Refer to your iPhone/iPod/iPad user guide for details on how to perform a reset.
      4. Using non-touch screen ipod, 1st or 2nd generation iPod, iPod Shuffle or other devices:

        • Unit cannot control those iPod models or other devices.
    • Sound is distorted.

      1. Volume level is set too high:

        • Decrease the volume
      2. Sound source is distorted:

        • If the iPhone/iPod original sound source (MP3) is old or of poor quality, distortion and noise are easily noticed with high-power speakers. Try a different file from a trusted source such as iTunes.
        • If you are using an external sound source like older generation of iPod or iPod Shuffle, try reducing the output volume on the device itself. Also try turning bass boost OFF.
      3. EQ settings are too high. For example, if the treble is too high, the 3D effect may not sound as good:

        • Lower EQ settings.
    • Unit or adaptor gets warm after extended audio playback at high volume.

      1. This is normal due to the power needed to drive the speakers at maximum volume. Turning the unit off for awhile or lowering volume will reduce heat.
    • Snooze time is too long/short.

      1. Custom snooze time is not set.
        • Press and hold the Snooze/Dimmer Button then press + or - to adjust and customize the snooze timer.
    • Alarm did not sound or is not working properly.

      1. Verify that the AM/PM time and alarm time is set correctly.

        • When setting the clock or alarm time, take note of the AM/PM indicators.
      2. Alarm time or source selected for alarm 2 , not alarm 1 or vice versa:

        • Make sure to set the alarm time and source for the appropriate alarm and verify that alarm icon 1 or 2 icon is shown on the display.
      3. Wake schedule setting is not correct:

        • 7 days is every day alarm, 5 days is Mon-Fri, and 2 days is Sat-Sun.
      4. Calendar is not set correctly, which can affect 7/5/2 day alarm operation:

        • Please refer to the owners manual for setting Clock/Calendar.


Discover answers to some of the most common questions about your iHome product.

    • What is the amperage output of the USB port?

      • The amperage output of the USB port is 1 Amp.
    • It’s this model compatible with PROTECTIVE CASES?

      While the dock accommodates MOST protective cases, there may be some protective cases that may not be compatible and you may need to remove your case for proper docking.

    • My iHome unit is not recognizing my iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) through the dock connector.

      Protective cases require removal prior to docking to the iHome unit. Please try docking the device without the protective case. NOTE: You can use the USB port to charge and play your device as well.

    • What products are compatible with AUX-input?

      The Aux input 3.5mm - 1/8 inch is compatible with any analog-audio device outputting audio from a headphone or line-out jack connector.

    • What’s the warranty period for this product?

      Limited 1 Year Warranty: iHome Products, a division of SDI Technologies Inc. (hereafter referred to as SDI Technologies), warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 1 Year from the date of original purchase.

    • The display is too dark?

      Try pressing the Snooze/Dimmer Button on top of the unit repeatedly to adjust the LED brightness.

    • Can the USB port charge Android devices?

      Yes, the USB port will charge most Android devices.

    • Can the unit operate on the back up batteries?

      The backup batteries only provide continuous clock and alarm operation in the event of a power failure. Other functions will not work.

    • Would I lose the time and alarm settings if I replace the backup batteries?

      NO, but make sure the AC adapter is connected. Otherwise, all settings may be lost during battery replacement.

    • Can I use this unit in other countries?

      Yes. The power adapter is able to handle input voltage from 100 to 240VAC. You may need a plug adapter to convert for the overseas outlet. Different regions of the world use different FM radio frequency steps and ranges. You will need to select the one that matches the standards in your region (USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, or CHINA). The default setting is USA. For more information on our international iHome products, please visit www.ihomeintl.com.

    • How to change the clock display to 12hr. mode or 24hr. mode (military time)?

      Press and hold “Clock Button” for 2 seconds. Press and release “Alarm 1 or 2 button” to select 12 or 24 hour display. Press clock button again (or no button within 10 seconds) and the settings are automatically saved.

    • What is “Sleep mode”?

      “Sleep mode” lets you fall sleep to your iPhone/iPod or radio, gradually lowering the volume until the unit shuts off at the selected time.

    • Should I disconnect the unit if I am going on vacation?

      If the unit is to be left unused for an extended period of time, such as a month or longer, the power cable should be unplugged from the unit to prevent damage from power outage.

    • What is the wattage output?

      The unit produces 6 Watts of output.

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