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    • The mirror is not powering ON.

      • Make sure that you are using the supplied AC power adapter 9IH521B(B)6, 18V -2500mA,
      • Make sure that the adapter is connected to a working power outlet and the other end is fully inserted into the mirror's DC 18V/2.5A jack.
      • If the unit is connected to an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch, make sure that the switch is turned on.
    • I can't pair my mirror to my Bluetooth-enabled device.

      • Press and Hold the Bluetooth Button on the mirror for 10 seconds to clear a previous connection. Once cleared, attempt to pair again.


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    • What is the audio wattage output?

      • The unit produces 8 watts of audio output.
    • What is the amperage output of the USB port?

      • The amperage output of the USB port is 2.1 Amps.
    • Do the lights on the Vanity Mirror have different modes and brightness levels?

      • The lights have 3 modes (Soft Yellow, Warm White, and Bright White).
      • Each mode has 5 brightness levels (Max, High, Medium, Low, and OFF).
    • How do I pair my mirror to my Bluetooth-enabled device?

      • Tap the Power Button to turn the speaker ON.
      • Press and Hold the Bluetooth Button on the back of the mirror for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode, indicated by the blinking microphone-icon on the front of the mirror
      • Select “iHome Hollywood Pro” on your device’s Bluetooth menu to connect. The Microphone-icon will glow solid once connected.
    • Can you replace the lights on the Vanity Mirror?

      • The Lights on the mirror are not replaceable. Each bulb consists of eight LED's mounted to a board.
    • Can I purchase the Removable Detail Mirror separately?

      Yes, the part number is iCV1SN and is available through www.ihome.com/iCV1SN/.

    • Can I purchase the AC Adapter?

      • Yes, the part number is 9IH521B(B)6 and is available through www.ihome.com/9IH521B(B)6/.

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