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    • What is the wireless range for audio streaming?

      The Bluetooth wireless range is approximately 33 feet.

    • How do I adjust the iBT297 light and display brightness?

      Touch the “ZZZ/dimmer” bar located at the top rear of the unit to cycle through and select the desired display brightness level.

    • What is the function of the Action Button?

      The “Action Buttons” is a programmable button that can be set to control a group of actions with a single press.

    • I’m unable to pair the app to my mobile device.

      1. Make sure “Location Services” is turned on in your device. To check the location services on your device:

        • iOS devices – Setting > Privacy > Location Services, make sure it is turned on.
        • Android devices – Settings > Connections > Location, make sure it is turned on. Go back to Settings > Apps > iHome Enhance > Permissions > Location, make sure it is turned on as well.
      2. Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is enabled (turned ON).

      3. Make sure it is not already connected to another Bluetooth device. (the iHome product can only be connected to one device). Disable the other device’s Bluetooth function to disconnect it from the iHome Product. If you cannot identify the paired device follow option #4.
      4. Some iHome models allow you to clear the Bluetooth settings, press and hold Bluetooth Button for 10 seconds until you hear a tone.

        Proceed to pair the app on the desired mobile device.

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