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    • Snooze time is too long/short.

      1. Custom snooze time is not set.
        • Press and hold the Snooze/Dimmer Button then press + or - to adjust and customize the snooze timer.
    • Battery Low icon always flashing.

      1. Remove the battery tab.
        • To enable the battery/batteries
      2. Batteries are weak.
        • Replace with new batteries
      3. Batteries were not installed properly.
        • Check to make sure the polarity ( + and – ends) matches the diagram in the battery compartment
    • Sound is distorted

      1. Volume level is set too high.

        • Decrease the unit volume.
      2. Sound source is distorted.

        • If original sound source file is poor quality, distortion and noise are easily noticed with high-power speakers.Try a file from a trusted audio source such as iTunes.
        • If you are using an iPod Shuffle or external sound source like older generation iPod, try reducing the output volume on the device itself. Also, try turning bass boost OFF under iPod settings.
    • Trouble pairing device/computer with Bluetooth Speaker

      Bluetooth implementation varies depending on your device’s hardware and operating system.

      • Make sure you have the latest firmware for your device.
      • Make sure your device is working properly. Check your device’s manual for details on Bluetooth pairing and linking.
      • When you power ON the speaker, it will automatically link with the last previously paired Bluetooth device if the device is still within range (approx. 30 feet). To pair with a different device you must turn off Bluetooth capability on the already paired device, or take it out of range.
    • Resetting the Unit

      If Bluetooth function is not operating properly, you may wish to reset Bluetooth. To do so, press and hold the Button for 10 seconds. You will hear a beep and the Bluetooth icon will be gone from the display. You will then need to re-pair any previously paired devices.

    • Unit doesn’t respond (no power)

      • Check that all connections are correct and properly plugged in.
      • Make sure your device is properly paired with the iBT22.
      • Make sure the Power is ON, indicated by “ON” appearing briefly on the display.


Discover answers to some of the most common questions about your iHome product.

    • What products are compatible with AUX-input?

      The Aux input 3.5mm is compatible with any analog-audio device outputting audio from a headphone or line-out jack connector.

    • How can I determine the AC Power Adapter I need for my iBT22?

      Check the voltage on the back of your iHome unit located on the bottom or near the DC-IN jack.

      7.5V, 2A order part number 9IH507B

      5V, 2A order part number 9IH555B

    • What’s the warranty period for this product?

      Limited 1 Year Warranty: iHome Products, a division of SDI Technologies Inc. (hereafter referred to as SDI Technologies), warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 1 Year from the date of original purchase.

    • The unit is paired but not playing audio.

      In Bluetooth mode, the iBT22 will shut off the amplifier if no audio is detected after 3 minutes. Simply press the power button to “wake” the iBT22.

    • The unit keeps making a “beeping” sound.

      The unit has an auto-linking feature. The unit will attempt to auto-link to the last paired Bluetooth device when within a 30 foot range. The unit will emit a “beep” and will display the word “PAIR” on the screen.

      To prevent the unit from auto-linking, you may do either of the following: 1.Turn-off the Bluetooth function on your device (smartphone, etc.) 2.Delete the unit from your device when not listening to music. Pair the unit to your device when you want to listen to music.

    • I have the speaker connected via Bluetooth to my PC / Mac. However, I cannot hear any sound coming through the speaker?

      Make sure that you have selected this unit as your “playback” device on your PC or Mac.

      1. Windows 7/8/10: a. Right click on the speaker icon located on the bottom right of your screen b. Select playback devices c. Select the device you want to play and click OK.

      2. Mac: a. Click on System preferences icon b. Click on Sound c. Select Output d. Select “iHome unit stereo” for the output source, and adjust the output volume if necessary.

    • Can I hear phone calls through this unit when connected via Bluetooth?

      No. This unit does not have the capability to transmit phone calls. If you receive a call while listening to music, the unit will stop the Bluetooth transmission of music allowing the user to answer the call. When finished with the call, the Bluetooth transmission of music will resume.

    • Can the USB port charge Android devices?

      Yes, the USB port will charge most Android devices.

    • How to change the clock display to 12hr. mode or 24hr. mode (military time)?

      At any point during time set, press either the “Alarm button" to toggle the clock display between 12hr. mode and 24hr. mode (military time).

    • The display is too dark?

      Try pressing the Snooze/Dimmer Button on top of the unit repeatedly to adjust the LED brightness.

    • Would I lose the time and alarm settings if I replace the backup batteries?

      NO, but make sure the AC adapter is connected. Otherwise, all settings may be lost during battery replacement.

    • What is “Sleep mode”?

      “Sleep mode” lets you fall sleep to your iPhone/iPod or radio, gradually lowering the volume until the unit shuts off at the selected time.

    • How to change the clock display to 12hr. mode or 24hr. mode (military time)?

      Press and hold “Clock Button” for 2 seconds. Press and release “Alarm 1 or 2 button” to select 12 or 24 hour display. Press clock button again (or no button within 10 seconds) and the settings are automatically saved.

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