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    • Reception is noisy or intermittent?

      Make sure that the headphones and the paired device are within the Bluetooth operating range of approximately 33-feet and the battery is fully charged.

    • Why does the Bluetooth function stop working when I connect 3.5mm cable to aux-in?

      The auxiliary input will override audio playing through Bluetooth. When connecting the 3.5mm auxiliary jack the Bluetooth will be disconnected and the headphones will turn OFF. To play Bluetooth audio again disconnect the auxiliary cable and power the headphones ON. The Bluetooth will auto reconnect to the previous paired device.

    • No Sound?

      1. Make sure that your headphones are properly paired and connected with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or music player. Refer to the “Pairing” instructions in this manual and in the manual supplied with your phone or music player if necessary.

      2. The rechargeable battery in your headphones may be exhausted and need to be recharged. Refer to the “Charging Your Headphones” instructions in this manual.

      3. Make sure there is no 3.5mm auxiliary cable connected to the headphones aux jack.

    • Why some functions do not work?

      Your specific model of smartphone may not support some of the functions described in this manual. Refer to the manual supplied with your phone for further information.

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