Support iBT297 FAQ

How to Set FM Stations?

The unit allows you to store up to 6 FM radio station presets:

  1. Press and release the Mode Button as needed until the FM indicator icon appears on the display.
  2. Press the – or + Buttons to tune the radio to the desired station (hold to scan for the next clear station).
  3. Press and hold the Play/Pause Presets Button to enter Preset setting mode. The display and button will flash.
  4. Press and release the – or + Buttons as needed until the preset number (P1- P6) you wish to set is displayed.
  5. Press and release the Play/Pause Presets Button. 2 beeps will sound to confirm the preset has been assigned. Repeat steps 2 - 5 until you have set up to 6 preset stations.
  6. To listen to a preset FM station at any time, turn on FM radio mode and press the Play/Pause Presets Button to cycle to the desired preset.