Support iAVS16 FAQ

How to integrate your SmartPlugs with Alexa?

  • Open your Amazon Alexa App
  • In the Alexa app, go to devices icon (located at the bottom right of the creen)
  • Select “Your Smart Home Skills”
  • Select “Enable Smart Home Skills”
  • Search for “iHome” and Select “iHome SmartPlug Control” from the search results
  • Select “Enable”
  • Enter your iHome login credentials (same account used in iHome Control app) and Select “Login”
  • Select “Authorize”
  • You will see the message “iHome SmartPlug Control has been successfully linked”, Tap "Done" to close this window
  • Select “Discover Devices”
  • Alexa displays the number of devices discovered. Select “Done.”
  • Select “Plugs” to view a list of all your iHome SmartPlug devices.

You should now be able to control your SmartPlug(s) by telling Alexa to turn your device name ON or OFF.