Support iSP6 WC FAQ

How do I pair a remote control to a Smartplug?

There are two options:

  1. Disconnect the iSP6/iSP8 plug for a few seconds and reconnect to the power outlet. Then press power on the desired button on the remote within 15 seconds after reconnecting the iSP6/iSP8 plug. The remote is paired and ready to use.

  2. You can pair the remote through the iHome Control app.

a. Make sure you are within the remote control’s signal range (within 35 feet).

b. Make sure the Smartplug is connected to a working outlet.

c. Make sure the SmartPlug is connected to a personal Wi-Fi Network.

d. Open the iHome Control app.

e. Tap Devices.

f. Tap (i) next to the device name.

g. Scroll down and tap “Initiate Remote Control Pairing.”

h. On the REMOTE CONTROL, press & release the button you want to pair to the SmartPlug(s).

i. At the bottom of the screen you will see a message “Remote Control Paired Successfully.”

NOTE: The remote is paired and ready to use.