Make your home an intelligent home with the iHome Intelligent StarterKit! Use the SmartPlugs + SmartMonitor together to control your home.


  • One 5-in-1 SmarMonitor
    24/7 Home monitoring from anywhere, Your home is now the “home of the future”. Monitor crucial aspects of your home environment from anywhere in the world. The free iHome Control app allows users to further automate their home. Works with SmartPlugs connected to lights or appliances. Set rules with iHome Control app to control connected devices based on any of the 5 sensors.

  • Two iSP8 SmartPlugs
    SmartPlug lets you control any connected device from home or remotely: turn off the heat, turn on a light– it's all at your fingertips.



  • WiFi-enabled wall plug, no hub required!

    Lets you control home electronics, including lights, fans, heaters and home audio systems.

  • Slim design fits any standard outlet

    Keep one outlet free, or plug in two SmartPlugs (plugs into any regular 120v wall outlet)

  • Power monitoring

    Gives power consumption statistics for devices connected to SmartPlug. Helps save money!

5-in-1 SmartMonitor

  • 24/7 intelligent monitoring of your home from anywhere with internet access
  • Wi-Fi enabled, no hub required, no monthly fees
  • Monitor your home at a glance
  • 5 intelligent precision sensors provide trigger & push notifications

    Motion, temperature, light, sound and humidity sensors provide real time notifications to your smartphone and automated triggers for your home

SmartMonitor + SmartPlug

  • SmartMonitor Senses ➙ SmartPlug Reacts

    Example scenarios:
    * Motion Detected + Sound Detected + Light Detected ➙ Lamp On * Humidity Low ➙ Humidifier on * Temperature increase ➙ AC turns on

Tech Specs

Includes one iSS50 SmartMonitor Includes two iSP8 SmartPlug


Product Manual

There are no product manuals available for the iSSmartKit1.

View the iSSmartKit1 support page for registration, FAQs, and more.