The iP56 is a sleek speaker system that’s ready to rock–anytime! The iP56 includes SRS TruBass circuitry and 4 speakers in Reson8® chambers for an exceptional audio experience. The retracting universal dock charges and plays iPhone and docking iPod models. The built-in lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, and will charge your iPod or iPhone, so you can enjoy music anywhere without worrying about batteries. Optional remote available.


  • Made for iPod and iPhone
  • Universal Adapter
  • Energy Star


  • Universal dock to charge and play iPhone or iPod while docked

    Enjoy your music while keeping your iPhone or iPod fully charged

  • Retracting universal dock

    Fits iPhone and docking iPod models, no inserts needed

  • Charges iPod or iPhone on internal rechargeable battery

    Operates and charges iPod or iPhone on internal rechargeable battery or universal switching AC adaptor


  • 4 speaker design

    2 active and 2 passive speakers in Reson8® chambers for enhanced audio performance

Rechargeable Battery

  • Rechargeable battery

    Take your music anywhere

Sound Enhancement

  • SRS TruBass sound enhancement

    Digital sound processing to give your music extra bass and clarity

  • Reson8® speaker chambers

    Specially designed sealed speaker enclosures deliver astounding clarity, depth and power


  • Aux-in jack

    Listen to aux audio sources (e.g., computer, CD player)

  • Universal 100/240V AC switching power supply

Tech Specs

Device Compatibility:

iPod mini iPod nano 1st GEN iPod nano 2nd GEN iPod nano 3rd GEN iPod nano 4th/5th GEN iPod nano 6th GEN iPod 5th GEN iPod classic iPod touch 1st GEN iPod touch 2nd GEN iPod touch 3rd GEN iPod touch 4th GEN iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4/4S

Dimensions: 13.0" W x 3.64" H x 1.99" D


Product Manual

General information, answers to technical questions, and other related information can be found within the product manual.

View the iP56 support page for registration, FAQs, and more.