2-in-1 Fan + Sound Machine


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2-in-1 Fan + Sound Machine

Stay cool, improve sleep and enjoy the sound of natural white noise with the iF100 Fan from iHome. Featuring 12 soothing sound options including white noise and nature recordings to help calm the mind and a dual speed fan for cooling comfort. Program your own power ON default mode to work with any SmartPlug for scheduling, power management and more. This 2-in-1 personal fan will keep you cool, comfortable and help lull you to sleep.

Stay Cool and Improve Sleep

  • Room temperature and air circulation play an important role in staying comfortable, focused and achieving good sleep throughout the year.
  • White noise helps tune out distractions, calm a busy brain, and ultimately helps you sleep more soundly.
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iHome Fan + Sound Machine

  • Dual-Speed Fan

    Personalized air flow with low/high speeds

  • 12 Sound Programs

    Seamless white noise and nature recordings engineered to promote sleep (meditation, dream, drive, zen, ocean, storm, nature, river, air, focus, quiet, peace).

  • Natural White Noise

    Adjust flat or upright and use the fan to tune out the noise with all natural soothing white noise

  • Quiet Long-Lasting Operation

    Specially engineered motor design for reduced noise, extended lifetime use, and greater energy efficiency than traditional fan

  • Dual Sound + Fan Sleep Timers

    Fan and sound timers (each operate up to 8 hours)

  • Adjustable Airflow

    Direct airfl ow up to 90 degrees with an easy-to-adjust pivoting head

  • Cooling Sleep Aid

    Reduces room temperature and masks interrupting noise for better sleep

  • SmartPlug Preset

    Program your own power ON default mode to work with any SmartPlug for scheduling, power management and more

  • Universal Adapter

    100-240V (included)

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 5.71" W x 3.66" H x 5.71" D

Weight: 1.5


Product Manual

General information, answers to technical questions, and other related information can be found within the product manual.


Download warranty information for the iF100.

View the iF100 support page for registration, FAQs, and more.